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Updated: Aug 7, 2019

Last weekend we had the pleasure of attending the Breaking Grounds market in Shanghai, another rad event hosted by Common Rare , where these handy totes made their debut.

Pangolin, is the first of a range of tote bags made in collabaration with South African designer, Natty (more on this gem later). The range includes a number of endangered animals, specifically those used in Traditional medicine. We are currently based in Asia, where most of these defenseless little creatures end up. Our aim is to shed light on these animals and hopefully by spreading the word and educating people on the matter they will become more aware of the origins of what they are consuming.

#totesaware pangolin
Each bag is accompanied by a note from Pangolin ~ written by Wild Woman Tracy Eke.


Pleased to meet you.

I’m a pangolin, also called the scaly anteater.

Some people think my scales can be used as medicine this is not fact!

What is fact is that my scales are made of EXACTLY the same thing that makes up your nails and hair. Not so special.

I roll myself into a tight ball with all my soft bits folded away and my scales act as a shield.

I may look odd but I’m well adapted to how I live. I eat ants and termites, I have really long sticky tongue to help me lick them up before they all scurry away. My tongue is actually longer than my whole body!

On the down side, I have absolutely no teeth. I have to eat small stones to help me grind up my food in my stomach. My long sharp claws are great for digging to find termites and even climbing trees!

Did I mention I can close my ears and nostrils to stop ants from getting in?

I am also a wonderful mother. I am pregnant for 5 months and have one little baby, a pangopup. It's soft and pink when it’s small but it starts to grow dark and its scales harden. I carry my baby on my tail when it gets tired and needs a nap. When I get scared, I hug my baby and roll into a tight ball with my baby tucked inside so that nothing can hurt it.

When my pangopup is hungry, I breastfeed it until I can teach it to eat ants properly. I am completely harmless and very shy, in fact I am nocturnal and come out when it's dark and quiet.

As you can see I am not medicine. I am harmless. I am a mother. I am a tiny creature. I am important. I am the MOST trafficked and poached animal in the WORLD so I am in need of your help.

Without you, I have no future. Please protect me by sharing my story.

~ Pangolin

As I menioned before these made their debut on the weekend and are currently sold out but we should be receiving the new batch next early next week. We will keep you posted

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